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Doggy UFO. Addictive online game DOGYY UFO
Nice absorbing arcade game with skill levels by This doggy arrived from Pluto planet. It is crazy about terrestrial food. It flies in the UFO and collects food - bonuses. One bonus - 100 point, to go on to another level you should collect all bonuses and land to the platform, there are 10 levels. Controls - key arrows.
Jump Mario. Addictive online game JUMP MARIO
New Mario adventures in the Flash free addictive, vivid and colorful game. Mario jumps from one stage to another, from one skill level to another, collects stars and evades monsters. Be in hurry as time passes and do not fall down! Controls: left and right arrows to move, up arrow - to jump.
Fish CATcher. Addictive online game FISH CATCHER
Cat loves fish, it dives and catches them. The more fish you eat the more is the score. But there are two main problems - you should remember that the cat should breath (the blue line below shows how many oxygen you have) and the second - enemies (when you breath the dragonfly stings, when you are underwater, the warm steal your health). Publish your best results at our web-site To rule the cat use arrow keys.
Starship Ranger 2. Free online game. STARSHIP RANGER 2
Do not loose the opportunity to take part in this addictive intergalactic battle, rule your starship using arrows and shoot with Space. Colorful scenery, 4 types of arms, every episodes finishes with an invincible boss, a lot of bonuses make this online flash game magnetic.
Apple Attack. Free online game. APPLE ATTACK ONLINE
Do not lose the opportunity to play new original game by GameFalls. The purpose is to defend the apple from the "invaders" - bugs and other nasty insects that crave for your apple. To do this, click at the insect with your mouse and be in hurry as they attack very quickly. The game is online and absolutely free. Have a fun!
Micro Submarine. Free online game. MICRO SUBMARINE
You are a little submarine that travels undersea. There are a lot of enemies living in the deep. Use arrows to rule your boat, avoid enemies and collect bonuses (additional points, health and speed up). This nice addictive action online game is vivid, colorful and free!

Air Blobs. Free online game. AIR BLOBS
Air Blobs is an addictive puzzle game with three skill levels. Your goal is to clear the playing board, put together at one vertical or horizontal line the same colored blobs by three or more and they will vanish. The more blobs disappear in a time the more scores you get. Every deleted blob gives you additional second.
Tube MIX. Free online game. TUBE MIX
The aim of the game is to collect the composition of the tubes at the board in the limited time (the sample of the composition can be seen at the top left corner small board). To move the figure you should click at it with the mouse, to choose the direction - use the arrows or the cursory buttons. The figure moves till the encounter with the border or another figure! Have a nice game!
Cool Balls. Free online game. COOL BALLS
Cool Balls is a nice addictive puzzle game for children and adults. The purpose of the game is to remove all balls from the field. A ball can jump over one ball (it will disappear) in case the next cell is free. If only one ball is left you are the winner. There are ninety levels and each level is more complicated than previous one.